Accessories. The Smile that completes your outfit

Everyone always searches for the perfect outfit finishing feature.  Accessories are what provides the period at the end of your fashion statement. Earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet can create the perfect ending to a great look. Handbags and shoes are also terrific finishing touches to complete your total outfit. Statement jewelry is an excellent way to build up a neutral wardrobe and also to help create your very own “signature look” Pearls are  always in fashion as are both gold and silver jewelry.  Different seasons bring out many opportunities to allow creativity in your accessory choices. Summer is here, express yourself with bold bright colors.  Anyone can be creative with color and texture.  You can change the look of an outfit from business to casual to fun. There are no mistakes in Fashion just looks not created yet.  Remember these are the months to reach for the Stars.

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