This summer, dresses are everywhere we look! And we LOVE them! Cool, comfortable, and great looking! Available in so many colors and styles; a favorite to be sure. Dresses allow us to have so much versatility in our wardrobe. Whether you want to look beautiful for family pictures on the beach or a night out. Choices abound, midi dresses for day or night are very popular and easy to transition. Another great dress we are seeing in the marketplace this season are the ever popular maxi dresses, great choices for both casual or more classic looks. Colorful choices make your wardrobe and brighten your entire look. Prints are readily available this season and all sizes can wear floral or geometric designs. Many of the dress designs we love this season include prints, florals, solids, brights, smocked, and embroidered styles! Step out of your box and try new colors, new prints, or a new dress style to have the most fun! Fashion is the best when we experiment with our clothes and try new things!

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