Fashion is Life

Did you know that even the cup you drink out of is based on fashion? We see fashion in everyday life, in all of our household items even down to the plates and table decor. Fashion dictates every year what we see as consumers. A color consortium called Pantone, issues the "color of the year." Then the marketplace begins to filter the color down to all the channels from wholesale to retail. 

Our fashion inspiration begins to show up in the marketplace soon after. Haute couture begins to show the very elite fashion and our marketplace soon follows. Our boutique places orders as soon as new merchandise is available to bring the very newest and freshest of all fashion directly to you. We feature many brands and types of clothing. Dresses, jeans, pretty tops, and casual wear, as well as loungewear, shoes, and a wide variety of handbags and jewelry. 

Our sizes range from small to large in most items and our plus sizes range from 1X-3X and jeans to 24 Womens.

Please feel free to contact us. We would love to help you build a wardrobe for college rush or your first professional job. We appreciate you!

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  • Emma Joyner

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! Very informative!

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